Building your Skills Portfolio Beyond Digital Skills

AI, blockchain, machine learning are the key skills in demand. While it is good to acquire them, don't neglect these 3 key tips in designing your career for greater employability.

The Counter Intuitive Thing HR Professionals Need to Do — Ignite Purpose

In times of crisis, when the business is pivoting, stresses amount because of changes, it is tempting for HR professionals to ditch personal career development.

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Ask-Me-Anything (about your career) Videos

Keen to find out what employers are looking for in this pandemic-impacted economy? Check out our series of videos created -- with key interviews and panel sessions with top relevant professionals.

#LevelUP your Career with these Free Resources

Together with the National Youth Council of Singapore, we bring to you Career #LevelUP -- workshops and resources to jumpstart your career in these uncertain times. Sign up now at

How COVID-19 Has Changed Hiring And Job Search And How To Be Successful (Repost)

The rules have changed. Read on to find out how you can adapt to the changes and increase your chances of getting an interview.

Generating Self-Insight During Covid-19 for a Better Job Search Experience

Want to find a match of who you are with what's in demand? Find out how that can also translate into your personal brand, interviews, resumes.

Generating Possibilities During Covid-19

Has the criteria for hiring changed due to Covid-19? Should I settle or wait for my dream job? Which industries and skills are in demand now? Watch this 14 minute video for answers.

Resources for Career Resilience during Covid-19

We know these are tough times. We are in this together. We've put together some resources for career resilience to help us all ride out the effects of Covid-19 on our jobs + career. Feel free to use them.

How to Design your Career and Stay Relevant [YouTube Video]

Your Career questions answered (at least some of them) in this recorded Facebook live interview. Tune in to this video and email us your questions!
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How To Emotionally Prepare For The Four Phases Of A Job Search [Repost]

Are you considering your next move? As you do so, get geared up by understanding the different phases and the emotions that can come along with it.
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How Often Do People Change Jobs During a Lifetime? [Repost]

It is Chinese New Year soon, and it is a good time to do some career spring cleaning. Quick tip from us – don't get just all caught up with employment and neglect your employability. Good recommendations from this article on how to stay fresh.

Why You Should Have (at Least) Two Careers [Repost]

Want to do more than one thing? Fancy the idea of a side hustle? Don't be so quick to dismiss your "daydream". It may just be what fuels you to be more productive and be your launchpad.

Millennials need ‘soft’ skills to thrive in careers and adapt to changes [Repost]

Technical skills are still highly valued. With increasing speed of change, technical skills get obsolete fast. Employers are increasingly looking to hire applicants who display a growth mindset, to be willing and able to adapt.

What about Resilience in Career Transitions?

Whether it is your first job, a career switch or even transiting to retirement, change can be both exciting and daunting. In your career design, there will be obstacles, annoying things, struggles – how might we be resilient and bounce back and continue to grow?

How To Choose Your Career

Night Owl Cinematics is normally known for their goofy antics and entertainment. But they have pooled together 6 individuals of different age groups, representing different industries, to talk about careers. Read on for insightful career tips!

The New Intelligence Test for Finding the 3 M’s

A GPA of 4.0 doesn’t matter if the applicant hasn’t mastered technology, friendship, or the ability to learn and lead... Grit + Imagination + Skills = The new measure of intelligence.

The Game of Interviews

Are you aspiring to be a management associate? You’ve got an assessment center interview coming up and you’re trying to figure out how to ace it? Hear from someone who has been there, done that – and now is thriving as one!

5 Career Trends that are Happening Now (and what you can do about it)

Darlene, my co-founder and I shared these career trends at our recent Community of Practice, My Working Title SUPERHIVE and thought you might just want to know about it too.

Why You Haven’t Got A Reply From Your Dream Company

External factors that noob job seekers ignore. Designing your career requires a constant toggle between external realities and internal drives, being inside-out and outside-in.

If Career Planning’s Insanity, These 2 Steps Will Give You Internal Clarity

Looking for a job? In one but unsatisfied? Not sure of what you want? You're not alone.

Career coaches on the biggest mistakes people make in the job search [Repost]

Need some tips on your job search? Make sure you avoid these mistakes.

3 Lessons Every Millennial Needs to Learn According to the Dreamer Behind PINC [Re-Post]

Have you ever felt a sense of envy towards your peers, who knew exactly what they wanted in life?

Interview With Our Co-Founder Jael Chng, By [Re-Post]

We just celebrated our first birthday! Read on to hear from our founder on why we do what we do.

The 4 Es of Successful Career Transitions [Re-post]

For people that are considering a career shift, this article is for you!
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21 Can’t Miss TED Talks for Job Seekers [Re-post]

21 TED Talk links that truly made us think.

Are you Ready for an AI Interview?

Short tips to prepare yourself for that AI interview!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

Prototype smartly. Find your unique blend of purpose, passion and pragmatism.

Why Job Rejections Are Great Guides for Self Discovery

There are always other ways I can achieve my dreams.

5 Career Questions Inspired by Navigating Food Markets

In developing our senses, we ask questions to help us navigate.

What is your Career Strategy?

No matter if you're just fresh into the working world or a veteran, here are some quick tips on video for you to future proof yourself.

Preparing Ourselves for the Future of Work

Don't get swept away by the tidal wave. Take steps, today.