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How COVID-19 Has Changed Hiring And Job Search And How To Be Successful (Repost)

The rules have changed. Read on to find out how you can adapt to the changes and increase your chances of getting an interview.
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How Often Do People Change Jobs During a Lifetime? [Repost]

It is Chinese New Year soon, and it is a good time to do some career spring cleaning. Quick tip from us – don't get just all caught up with employment and neglect your employability. Good recommendations from this article on how to stay fresh.

Millennials need ‘soft’ skills to thrive in careers and adapt to changes [Repost]

Technical skills are still highly valued. With increasing speed of change, technical skills get obsolete fast. Employers are increasingly looking to hire applicants who display a growth mindset, to be willing and able to adapt.

The New Intelligence Test for Finding the 3 M’s

A GPA of 4.0 doesn’t matter if the applicant hasn’t mastered technology, friendship, or the ability to learn and lead... Grit + Imagination + Skills = The new measure of intelligence.

5 Career Trends that are Happening Now (and what you can do about it)

Darlene, my co-founder and I shared these career trends at our recent Community of Practice, My Working Title SUPERHIVE and thought you might just want to know about it too.

Are you Ready for an AI Interview?

Short tips to prepare yourself for that AI interview!

Preparing Ourselves for the Future of Work

Don't get swept away by the tidal wave. Take steps, today.