Want to find a match of who you are with what’s in demand? Find out how that can also translate into your personal brand, interviews, resumes.

14 minute video produced in conjunction with the National Youth Council.

What if my career is … ‘meh’? Video #2 How to get going in spite of Covid-19

What if My Career becomes … 'meh'? – You ask We answer :)National Youth Council, together with My Working Title (a career design movement and company), is bringing you a video series on what you'll need in your career/job search during Covid-19.Some of the questions tackled in this episode include: How can you up your game during this Covid-19? How do you avoid sounding like a fraud when writing your resume and going for interviews? How do you stand out? How do you prepare your portfolio?Watch this series to• Find out more how you can navigate your job search this Covid-19• Learn practical tips from Career specialists and HR professionals• Be inspired to take actionClick here for even more resources for your career design journey http://bit.ly/mehvidWe've got your back!

Posted by Cr8studiosg on Friday, May 29, 2020