Come POWER UP your Career Design skills!

Keen to level up on your Career Development practice? Want to learn how to facilitate more effective career conversations?
Looking to engage more in designing their careers?

Come join our tribe of Global Certified Facilitators through our flagship
Career Design Certified Facilitator Training Programme to gain real-world and real-time insights + practice! We’ve got ~40 certified facilitators.

2019 upcoming runs in Singapore: November 7-8.
Sign up here to reserve your space! [Class sizes are capped at 10 pax for deeper learning and practice.]

“ Before going through the certification programme, I was wondering why people needed to be certified.
I had underestimated how difficult it is to be a game master, facilitate and coach at the same time.
It definitely is not as easy as it looks.”

– HR Professional

“I was wondering why we needed to learn how to run the game. After the certification programme, I realised it is not just a game, but a facilitation tool.”


As a Certified Facilitator, you will

  • Experience a two-day Playshop where you will get exclusive access to the thinking, design approaches and theories behind My Working TitleTM‘s games and facilitation experience. You will get to learn basic facilitation skills, be exposed to core career development theories and gain understanding of the psychological science of using games for facilitation. There will be many opportunities to practice via role-play and also network with other career development professionals
  • Gain access to exclusive plug-and-play resources such as Playshop slides, Playsheets, surveys and other curated career design resources
  • Be listed on the My Working TitleTM website as a certified facilitator
  • Be invited to our community of practice sessions called MWT SUPERHIVE
  • Get special rates of purchases of Career SUPERDRIVETM and Career ROADTRIPTM
  • Be activated as facilitators for future Playshops potentially
  • Get:  1 x Career SUPERDRIVETM Board Game + 1 x Career ROADTRIPTM Flexi–Journal
  • Receive a blockchain certificate

Special Promotion

  • Corporations + Governmental Institutions/Agencies
    3 or more from the same organisation = 10% off S$1,980 at S$1,780 per pax
  • Education Institutions + Social Sector Organisations:
    Special rate at S$1,780. For 3 or more sign-ups from same school/ organisation = 10% off S$1,780 at S$1,600 per pax
  • Upcoming runs: November 7-8You can sign up here to reserve your space or if you’ve got any queries, email us at


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Jael Chng


Darlene Joy Uy


Diana Jean Reyes



Andrew Er

Dennis Chan

Ella Sun

Gerard Chee

Iwan De Leeuw

Joanna Ho

Joanna Yeoh

Nadine Chetty

Ruth Song


Akash Mohan, GIC Melody Ng, GIC
April Tan, SUSS Muhammad Nazirin, WSG
Christine Liu, Generation Nicole Meera Moosa, GIC
Claire Phoey Priya Khosla, GIC
Florence Tang, WSG Allan Seow, SUTD
Ivy Tse, Halogen Foundation Rozita Binte Mohd Yazid, WSG
James Tan, WSG Sarah Neo, SUSS
Janis Chen, GIC Teng Lee Fong, GIC
Jennifer See, SUSS Veronica Keong, GIC
Joel Ong, SG Enable Yvonne Kong, NTU NBS
Joseph Wong, Training Gear Asia