I have always watched Night Owl Cinematics (NOC)’s videos for entertainment and to get a good laugh over their goofy antics. However, in this video, they have pooled together 6 individuals of different age groups, representing different industries, to talk about careers. 

What was refreshing to me was, the industries are so different, yet there was so much in common in the tips they shared about. So, regardless of what industry you are currently working in/ planning to enter, there will surely be points you can resonate with. Read away!

1. Passion

The term “passion” is often used, when we talk about dreams, career, and ambitions. But it is something that we tend to neglect or even assume that we have. There are people who assume that they have passion in what they are doing, simply because they kind of like what they are doing or simply that they think it’s fun. However, when they were to face with a setback, or two, and encounter challenges that they can’t overcome, they simply give up. They lose interest, and think that ‘maybe this industry isn’t for me after all’. If you’re working in a job that you truly feel passionate about, you wouldn’t find yourself quitting so easily. You will find that the passion you have for it will make you stand up and continue trying, despite being beaten down. And it is a pity that not everyone of us manage to find our passions, and even fewer of those who discover their passions actively pursue them. Hence, discovering your passion requires a lot of understanding about who you are as a person, what do you really like or love doing, and what makes you proud. Pursuing your passion is not a fun process. It really takes blood, sweat and tears. But in the end, it’s the sense of achievement you get, upon achieving every single milestone, that will make all your efforts worth it. That’s when you will look back on your journey, and say that it was fun, even though you’ve went through shit to get where you are. And that’s what you call passion.


2. Learning / Discovering

This is a natural process. Just imagine that you’ve found something that you really like, or someone, if that helps you to imagine better. Upon liking that something or someone, it is natural for you to want to find out more about that something or someone to the best you can. The past, present and future of this thing or this person, what is it like, how does it function, etc. Taking the media industry for example. A number of you have indicated interest in working in the media industry, but it is not often that you will be exposed to what happens behind the scenes in the industry. So for starters, what you will do is to follow our accounts, keep track of the behind the scenes happenings of your favourite artistes, YouTubers, etc. But if you’re really keen, do you stop at just that? There are many resources out there so long as you know how to Google, to find out the different roles in a media industry, from digital media to traditional media, cinematography to sound engineering tutorials. Heck, there are even DJ tutorials and free software for you to try if you are keen in that area. Learning is not something that you only do in school if you’re truly passionate about something. School gives you your foundation, because without your foundation, how are you going to learn more advanced things that are required in the industry that you choose?


3. Be open-minded

Unless you are very sure that you’ve been exposed to everything out there in the world, otherwise, keep an open mind to trying new things, new opportunities, and making new friends. This is especially true if you have yet to find out what is your passion. If the things that you’re learning or doing right now does not invoke any passion in you, then put in the effort to discover new things and accept them. Break out of your comfort zone because even though the saying goes that good things come to those who wait, waiting doesn’t mean you should be sitting on your ass and waiting for the opportunity of your lifetime to drop in your lap. As mentioned in the video, putting aside the fact that opportunities do not come by so often, your job is to prepare yourself to be ready for such opportunities when they come. Otherwise, if you’re simply not good enough, you will not be able to grasp it even if it’s sitting in front of your eyes.


4. Ideals vs Practicality

Or in other words, dreams vs life. The fact remains that everything costs money. And it would be absurd to say that you can simply take any pay that you’re offered as long as you get to work at your dream job, though it would be your employer’s dream. But the fact is, during the pursuit of your dreams, you typically don’t start at top (duh), you sometimes don’t even get to start at the middle. And starting at the bottom will typically mean that you won’t be getting rich anytime soon. So you will need to weigh your options. If you don’t have heavy financial obligations, and no one is relying on your income, you can definitely live with a lower pay while you start from scratch. However, if you do have financial obligations, and the salary isn’t sufficient for you, then you have to consider alternatives to make it viable for yourself. Do not pursue your passion blindly.


5. Hard Work

Common sense, yet it must be reiterated. Hard work is the most reliable thing you can rely on, no matter what your passion is. Practice makes perfect, and be it sports, media, finance, business, you’ve got to read up, train, and practice until things become second nature to you. When you can readily demonstrate the knowledge of your field to others, it means that you’re someone who walks the talk. While there is always the factor about talent, but talent is something that is difficult to grasp and witness, and does not happen in everyone. If you have a talent in a field that you’re passionate about, good for you, but don’t get too comfortable, because there are so many others out there who are willing to put in the hard work to overtake you. Hence, constant work is needed. If you’re into programming, pick up a new language every now and then, get familiar with it, and get certified for it. There is no end to learning, and hard work will never betray you.

Above are just a few points mentioned in the video and we hope that this will help you discover your passion and to get yourself ready to welcome any new opportunities in the future!

This article was originally posted on NOC.