Come discover your Career SUPERDRIVETM ! You’ll get to:

  1. Uncover gems about yourself
  2. Get a taste of what drives you
  3. Imagine how you would navigate potential career decisions and scenarios

Available for use by career coaches, counsellors, educators, mentors and facilitators. 

The Student Edition questions are designed for students, containing school-related scenarios and prompts that are directed towards discovery of one’s self, story, situation and strategy.

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Product Description

Career SUPERDRIVETM is a game that facilitates career conversations. The student edition is useful as a thought starter for students to start thinking and planning for their future.

The game is now used in 19 countries, by schools and universities, businesses large and small, social services organisations, and individual career coaches.

Here’s what players/clients had to say:

  • > “I liked the discussions. It was helpful to find out what my peers were feeling and the activities helped me to better understand myself.”
  • > “I like the game because it engages everyone and helps us to reflect on what we enjoy/are our strengths to drive us in the right direction. It was a fun workshop!”
  • > “This is like doing one big buzzfeed quiz with friends, just that the outcome is more useful.”

This board game is a facilitation tool for career discovery – a safe space for discovery of one’s self, story, situation and strategy. Fusing real-life disruptions (Shake Ups), light hearted self discovery prompts (Pop Up), deep reflective ‘why’ questions (Dig Deep) and role-play scenarios (Move Forward), players tell us they gain clarity, perspectives and possibilities after playing. 

Best played with 4 players, students aged ~16-23

For a more comprehensive Career SUPERDRIVETM experience, check out the starter kit and certification programme.

If you’d like us to run a Playshop (our version of a workshop) for your students/team, you can contact us at hello@myworkingtitle.xyz.

Additional Information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 25 x 5 cm

Drawstring bag, Board, 4 x Cars, 4 x Pencils, A5 Folder, Instructions Booklet, 4 x Reflection Space Sheets, 200 Colour Tokens, 4 x Working Capital Cards, 2 Dice