In Team SUPERDRIVE™  you’ll get:

  • Questions to enable your team to Discover more about their Self, Story, Situation and map out a Strategy. The questions are designed based on team performance elements e.g., collaboration, dynamics, self and team awareness etc
  • Real-life Scenarios to evoke responses and discussion
  • Team-Based Realities to simulate team collaboration

With these resources, as a team lead, you will be able to have deeper team conversations, facilitate peer feedback sessions and align your team toward common goals.

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Product Description

Team SUPERDRIVETM is a game that facilitates team conversations. It is useful as a tool for team conversations around performance, alignment and dynamics.

Get going by playing Team SUPERDRIVE™ with your team! Team members play seriously with each other to:

  • > Open up new points of views and surfaces areas for team discussions
  • > Reflect on personal and team values, behaviours and actions, in a safe and playful manner
  • > Simulate real-world disruptions for reflection and action
  • > Gain clarity and perspective on the current individual and team states, and serve as a launchpad for future action
  • > Bring alignment on the team’s strategy and goals

Best played with 4 players, ages 21+ (with work experience)

If you’d like us to run a Playshop (our version of a workshop) for your employees/team, you can contact us at hello@myworkingtitle.xyz.

Additional Information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 25 x 5 cm

Drawstring bag, Board, 4 x Cars, 4 x Pencils, A5 Folder, Instructions Booklet, 4 x Reflection Space Sheets, 200 Colour Tokens, 4 x Working Capital Cards, 2 Dice