Hi everyone,

With COVID-19 here, we understand that many are concerned about their careers.

  • For those graduating – How should I find a job?
  • For those working – How do I stay employed?
  • And for those unemployed – How do I land a job?

At My Working Title, we know that these are real concerns. As career design advocates, we can’t promise to solve every career woe. Some of you might be in survival mode, some more with existential questions. What we can do is this – to give you the HANDLES to drive your own career.

(Just to be clear, we are not giving this to get your email address only, or to up-sell you after the “free” version. At the same time, we are also a small business needing to survive. If you find that these resources have added value to your career journey, do consider supporting us through purchasing our programmes and products here. )

Enough talking, here’s the FREE resource list from My Working Title (Stay tuned… more on the way!):

Hungry for more resources? Here’s a list that we’ve collated for you:

  • For Graduating Students from Tertiary Institutions:
    • Career Services: Did you know that your school provides FREE career services? Approach them for help in job search, resume edits, interview practice and more. Don’t be shy, and tap into this invaluable resource!
    • Profiling Tools: If your school career services provide access to profiling tools, make use of them. Tools like hoozyu, Strong, MBTI, etc, are insightful tools to self-discovery (and also cost money!)
    • Career+ App: For NUS Students, there’s an app created for you by JobTech. This app helps to find your skills match. Don’t miss this opportunity to get good data to make career decisions. You can also access the full suite of resources here.
    • Career Axis: For NTU Students, here’s the link to your job and internship portal
    • Apply for Internships via Skilio: Skilio Industry Immersion Programme, Skilio Telegram Group 
    • Alternative recruitment platforms: Try Wantedly and Glints
    • Apply for Traineeships: Apply at the SGUnited Virtual Career Fair 
    • Career Conversations with Mentors with Big Brand Names: Exclusive Career RoundTables with DBS and Stripe on 10 June and 17 June respectively. The Stripe session comes with a complimentary opt-in 1 on 1 Career Conversation with a Stripe staff.
    • Mentorship programme: organised by Advisory.SG , Young NTUC
    • Career Insights: Career professionals interviewed by Sylvia Chan from NOC on IG Live, organised by Young NTUC
    • Summer opportunities for Singapore students: created by Yale-NUS initially, now opened up to all SG students
    • Internships and Jobs for Graduates: by GradSingapore
    • Career Community: by Open Day (Singapore youth community with a focus on all things career). Telegram group here
  • For the Employed and Career Returners: 
      • Skills analysis via JobTech. This platform helps you to identify your transferable skills. It also provides tips for updating your LinkedIn profile and resume, and suggests new skills you can learn. (Note: there are some limitations in the free version).
      • Learn 2020’s in-demand skills . Check out LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and M.A.D. school. Focus on what’s critical for the future – such as creativity, critical thinking, and persuasion. Still unclear? Here’s an article explaining which online academies are good for what purpose.
      • Watch Videos on Job Search Strategies from Workforce Singapore Group 
      • Considered working in a start-up? Check out Connectone
      • Learn tech skills and computational thinking. Go to Empire Code
      • Learn how to make a mid-career switch. Free course from Career Agility here.
      • Earn as you get trained with Ngee Ann Poly Continuing Education Skillsfuture Approved Courses: Links here for self-employed, for corporations funding employees

If you learn by reading, here are some recommended books (tip: you can check out NLB to see if they’ve got an ebook version or google the titles for videos if you prefer watching a video)


These are tough times. We don’t know when it will end. We don’t know whether it will worsen (or not). We don’t know the net sum of the impact upon ourselves. But what we know is this – how we work, what we work on, how the world works, will change.

Yes, there are external forces. Yes, things can be “unfair”. And yes, digital transformation is here. What we can do is not lose ourselves in this change, but to adapt, just like a start-up.

Here with you,

Jael and Darlene


A little bit about My Working Title

We are more than a company providing career consultancy, tools and programmes. We are also a movement where we want to inspire and empower people to own and drive their own career-life. Career design as a practice is very nascent in Singapore and Asia, and we aim to raise awareness about the need, the research on it and also share practical handles for continued employability and effectiveness.

Since our launch in September 2017, our products and services have extended to 19 countries. Our clients include LinkedIn, Unilever, Grab, Shopee, NUS Business School, GIC, Aviva, and Workforce Singapore Group.

If you’ll like to find out more, reach out to us at hello@myworkingtitle.xyz