Hello there!

What comes to your mind when you think about the word “Career”?

Many think it is a dreary, boring and difficult subject.

We want to make it fun (and even fashionable one day, just like fitness).

Fun and Careers? Doesn’t seem to match. Yes, it can. It’s what we call serious play. We’re even part of the Serious Games Association.

If you’re spending so much time at work, why not invest time and effort in career design? It can be fun. It doesn’t need to be dreary. It doesn’t have to so tough. Why not relax and play, plan and prototype?

In a nutshell, My Working Title is a career design company and movement that inspires and empowers people to actively design their careers.

(For our ‘why’, click here.)


Here’s our How 

  1. CONSULTING with corporations, government agencies and educational institutions
  2. DESIGNING AND DELIVERING games and experiences for career conversations in the context of corporate employee engagement (talent development, learning and development) and student preparation (graduate employment; internship/interview/scholarship primers)
  3. CERTIFYING Career Development and Human Resource professionals

Here’s our flagship and customised 

  • CAREER DESIGN EXPERIENCES: Playshops + Play Stations + Playstages: Discover your Career SUPERDRIVETM and customised programmes for corporations and education institutions/non-profits
  • CAREER DESIGN PLAY TOOLS: Career SUPERDRIVETM, Team SUPERDRIVETM, Career ROADTRIPTM, Career ROADMAPTM . To find out more and to purchase these tools, you can click here.

Here’s our focus

  • Creating a psychologically safe space for meaningful connection and conversations
  • Facilitating real-time career conversations with real-time insights
  • Prototyping Career Strategy in an agile manner

We’re glad that people tell us that they gain clarity, perspectives and possibilities to move forward.

Keen to find out more? Connect with us at hello@myworkingtitle.xyz or fill out this short 5-fields-only survey. (Psst… we’ve also got resources for individuals here at www.careersuperdrive.com)

Come, join us to inspire and empower more to actively design their careers!