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Here’s our Why

Designing careers can be a lonely, murky, difficult process, especially in today’s super volatile world. More and more companies are not promising any career paths and the career ladder has given way to career rock climbing walls. There is a greater need for individuals to step up to design and drive their own careers. That’s why our team cares enough to make this important process more fun, clear and easy.

We started My Working Title as a career design company and movement to inspire and empower people to actively design their careers.

Through playing, planning and prototyping, we’ve seen many gain clarity, perspectives and possibilities. We’ve seen people from all walks of life find the motivation and ability to design their careers. Our long-range goal is to empower people to be employed, employable and also thrive with their choices. 

For more of how we started and what we stand for, click here to read an interview by advisory.sg.

Introducing our Team

The team came together – starting from an accidental entrepreneur, to a global learning and development specialist, a career coach, a psychologist and a youth leadership development leader.

Together we have now expanded to a satellite multi-disciplinary team comprising of programme/game/experience designers, facilitators, career coaches, psychologists with real-time and real-world career experiences.

Collectively, we’ve had organisational experience in hiring and letting go of people, running facilitation + training sessions and coaching clients (locally and globally; across schools, MNCs, SMEs and Government institutions). Our experience also spans across the fields of Psychology, Pedagogy, Andragogy, Human Resource Management, Learning and Development, Leadership Development, Design Thinking, Technopreneurship, Media and Marketing.

We thrive on creativity and collaboration, so if you’d like to come alongside this journey with us, let’s grab some coffee and chat away!


Jael Chng


Darlene Joy Uy



Benoit Valin

Serial Technopreneur

Ivy Tse

Youth Leadership Developer

Iwan De Leeuw

Youth Leadership Developer

Nicholas Lim

Disruption Psychologist


Diana Jean Reyes

Play and Purpose builder

Isaiah Das

HR Solutions Designer

Nadine Chetty

HR Solutions Designer

Ruth Song

HR Solutions Designer



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